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In the fast paced world of marketing, it's good to know that you have a friend you can depend on!

Allow me to deliver the highest quality premium advertising experience you need to put cash in your wallet!

50 Click Solo - $25
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I can be reached on SKYPE:kimberly.castleberry
or via my helpdesk by clicking here.

Important Notes:

1. I strive to deliver your solos within 3 days of your scheduled run date! You MUST have a freebie-based squeeze page in front of your offer.

2. The Only thing I can guarantee is the number of clicks purchased will be delivered to your website URL from my email traffic.

3. I don't offer refunds… If you are not sure about your order, please contact me before ordering.

4. Sometimes servers go down, both on the side of the "seller" and sometimes the Autoresponder. During these times you may be contacted to let you know your solo may need to be moved to a future date. Should this not work for you, I am always happy to refund your money. These things simply happen from time to time and it is important for you to be aware of the possibility that you solo date may need to be moved.


If for some reason you are not redirected after checking out through paypal, please click here for step 2.


Kimberly, thank-you so much for a great solo.
Overdelivery, good opt ins, and sales to boot. I am extremely happy with those results, and your deft touch in helping target my swipe was an inspiration. Thanks again. -Dan McConnell

I'm upset! You made me look bad! You delivered a solo with a CTR of 65% - and they're still coming - and an optin rate of more than 50%! That beats what I sent to my own list! Thanks for the unbelievable swap! Let's do another one! -Steve Hansen

53% Optin, Very Good! -Bruce Searle

Kim got the job done, no problems and it didn't take too long at all! - Tom Huggett

70 clicks 32 opt-ins and 3 OTO sales, your solo ad made me $16 Will be buying again soon. -Steve Brodsky

Kim provided great results for me, 82 clicks on a 50 click adswap. She over delivers. I even got a sale as a result! -Kay white

Kim's Premium Quality Solo Ads